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Assessment, Transformation Strategy and Roadmap, Training Execs and Pair programming with Developers. Drive process and technology agility.


As a part of your team we can take up complete delivery ownership and set the tempo for the team to follow. Skin in the game coaching.


Dedicated training programs to bring teams up to speed on topics like inception, user story mapping, agile discovery, release and sprint planning


Worked with Hari for several tech solutions that could help my team to execute things related to Ops. All requirements that we requested always very well received, moreover he usually came up with some awesome ideas that obviously make our life in Ops easier. Found out he also has a good personality skills and attitude. Really enjoyed my time to work with him.

Arief Fadillah, VP of Driver Core Operations at GO-JEK

Hari has delivered a few projects for me. His teams delivery capability is top quality, but what's most impressive is that Hari is always involved in advising on the product road-map. He will tell you things like "This is an ambitious feature at this stage of your company. It will bloat your budget. Is it the best bang for your buck?". He wants to add immediate value to your tech product and has a very iterative and professional approach to project delivery.

Abhishek Dadoo, Digital Innovation & Platform Strategy

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